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Parenting workshop to continue  


Photograph of Aesthetic Realism consultants presenting parenting seminar.

From left, Joseph Meglino, Karen Van Outryve, Bruce Blaustein and Barbara Allen of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation will speak at a parenting workshop on Tuesday, March 17, at Park United Methodist Church in Bloomfield. 

     Consultants on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation will present a free workshop as part of the church's Lenten Series, "Parenting That Counts!" on Tues., March 17, at 7:30 p.m. at Park United Methodist Church, Broad and Park streets, Bloomfield. 

     The session will be titled "Your Child Stands for the World; or, Aesthetic Realism Explains the Questions Facing Parents." 

     The speakers from the foundation, a not-for-profit educational institution in New York City, will tell what Aesthetic Realism explains about how to see a young person as standing for the whole world, having a large, deep meaning to be known and respected. 

     According to Rev. Wayne Jack Plumstead, pastor of Park Church, they will speak about what parents need to know in order to get the true respect of their children. 

     He said they will also discuss questions such as: "Are you a person or a parent first?" "What is it that a son or daughter of any age deeply hopes for from a parent?" "What do children really want encouraged in them?" "What is it in ourselves that gets in the way of meeting their hopes?" 

     The speakers will also answer the questions of those who attend, Rev. Plumstead said. 

     The scheduled speakers are: 

  • Barbara Allen, who is one of the instructors of the popular "Learning to Like the World" class for children ages 5 through 12, given monthly at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation; 

  • Joseph Meglino, who with his wife, Aesthetic Realism consultant Pauline Meglino, are the parents of a law student, David Meglino. Joseph Meglino is a computer specialist for the New York City Department of Education;

  • Bruce Blaustein, who with his wife, Aesthetic Realism New York teacher Lauren Phillips, is raising their son, Michael. Mr. Blaustein is president of Teri Jon International; and

  • Karen Van Outryve, a poet and music critic, who is married to architect Anthony Romeo. They have a daughter, Alessandra. 

          Aesthetic Realism, Rev. Plumstead said, is the philosophy founded in 1941 by the philosopher Eli Siegel, author of numerous works including his major text Self and World.                     

     "Eli Siegel's comprehension of children was deep, wide and kind," stated Rev. Plumstead. "I can't think of any knowledge more needed by parents, and this workshop provides a not-to-be-missed opportunity to begin learning it." 

     Rosemary Plumstead said, "As a high school science teacher who has used the Aesthetic Realism method as the basis of my teaching for more than two decades, I know the way Eli Siegel and Aesthetic Realism see the depths of children is beautiful and exact." 

     "This is a great opportunity for persons to learn a way of seeing children that will make them proud, useful and very happy," she said. 

     The workshop is open to the general public and there will be no charge. 



"The Philosophy Aesthetic Realism explains how to see a young person as standing for the whole world, having a large, deep meaning to be known and respected." 

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