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Art Is an Explanation and Criticism of Life

"The resolution of conflict in self is like the making one of opposites in art." — Eli Siegel


bullet"New York Contemporary Photographs at the Terrain Gallery" by Carrie Wilson, Terrain Gallery Directors printed in The Journal of the Print World (Volume 34, Number 3, July 2011) Carrie Wilson writes: "This exhibition—eighty works by twenty contemporary photographers—is an original, delightful, and engrossing tribute to this city where beauty is to be found not only in its great architecture, but in many unexpected
places...The basis of this show is in these sentences from an Aesthetic Realism talk by Eli Siegel titled What of New York and Poetry? He said that in New York, “there is a oneness of quiet and tumult, profundities and mischief. It begins with geography, and then there are twirls and manifestations; surprises within the absolute....You can use a point to get to the whole world, and New York is a good place to begin to be fair to reality as such.”"

bullet"Chaim Koppelman, A Memorial Exhibition" by Marcia Rackow, artist and teacher of the courses "The Visual Arts and the Opposites," and "The Art of Drawing: Surface and Depth," printed in The Journal of the Print World (Volume 34, Number 2, April 2011) Marcia Rackow writes: "Chaim Koppelman, A Memorial Exhibition at the Terrain Gallery (May-October 2010) was a large, comprehensive show of extraordinary beauty honoring the life and work of the pioneering American artist and printmaker Chaim Koppelman (1920-2009). It surveyed the artist’s extensive career from the 1940s to the 21st century and showed new, large meaning in this principle he loved, stated by Eli Siegel, founder of Aesthetic Realism, “All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.” The opposites of Truth and Imagination, so rich and surprising in Chaim Koppelman’s work, made this exhibition memorable."

"Art Answers the Questions of Your Life" by Dorothy Koppelman and Carrie Wilson, Terrain Gallery Directors, at "International Conversations Through Art" (31st InSEA World Congress -- International Society for Education through the Arts --August, 2002, New York City.) Papers presented at the Terrain Gallery in painting, architecture, and more. Illustrating the Siegel Theory of Opposites and its power to explain the art of diverse cultures and media and show its relation to the artist and to oneself, the viewer.

"Freedom and Order: The Quilt Masterpieces of Gee’s Bend" by Alice BernsteinThe Harlem Times (New York, New York) 2/22/03 — "The class I tell of took place at the Whitney Museum exhibition Gee’s Bend: The Women and Their Quilts and was conducted by Marcia Rackow, Aesthetic Realism teacher of art. These seventy quilts, astounding in their variety and ingenuity, were made by descendants of slaves in rural Gee’s Bend, Alabama (1920s - 1990s)." > more

"Wonder and 'Matter-of-Fact' Meet or the Imagination of Beatrix Potter" by Marcia Rackow —  There's hardly a person who doesn't know The Tale of Peter Rabbit!, The Journal of the Print World

"Aesthetic Realism and Picasso's Guernica: for Life" by Dorothy Koppelman

"Bruegel's Peasant Wedding Celebrates the True Purpose of Marriage" by Ruth Oron

"Scene of Her Mind Change" by Faith Stern. About the place of the Terrain Gallery in the history of 39 Grove Street and the effect of this cultural institution on one's life. The Villager (New York, NY)

"The Surprising & Abiding Opposites" at the Terrain Gallery by Carrie Wilson

"Chaim Koppelman: A Selection of Works on Paper" -- Review of show at the Beatrice Conde Gallery, New York, NY, by Marcia Rackow, Journal of the Print World

"Kindness and a Father" by artist and Aesthetic Realism Consultant Chaim Koppelman. The Dayton Weekly News

"We Can Learn about Ourselves from Winslow Homer's The Gulf Stream" by Daniel Reiss. Tennessee Tribune

"The Dark Angels" a charcoal drawing by Chaim Koppelman, at the National Academy Museum. New York Times

"Our Selves Are Aesthetic!" -- About Monet's Autumn Effect at Argenteuil and Aesthetic Realism Consultations by Ruth Oron


"The Opposites -- 2001: The Print. A Review and Some History" by Alma Vincent. Journal of the Print World (Meredith, NH)

"Power and Tenderness in Men and Picasso's Minotauromachy" by Chaim Koppelman. Journal of the Print World

"Confrontation 2" by Chaim Koppelman. National Academy exhibition"Treasures Revealed: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Works on Paper," Museum and School of Fine Arts


Photography, Life, and the Opposites by Len Bernstein, Review by Harvey Spears. The Journal of the Print World

"Open Mike at Peez Leweez: an Enticing Evening of Music and Poetry" by Richard A. Ross. The River Reporter (Narrowsburg, New York)— "Len Bernstein’s photographs are on exhibit at Peez Leweez....[His] work speaks to the observer about the connectedness of the human experience....Bernstein explains his photograph 'The Young Critic,' above, as follows: 'Children are not usually seen as having keen, critical perception that can be of deep use to us.... I tried to show his dignity through composition..." > more


"An Oscar for Elia Kazan? He cannot be forgiven for betraying his friends" by Anne Fielding. Philadelphia Inquirer


"Two Poems by Eli Siegel about Martin Luther King and America" by Alice Bernstein. Annapolis Times (Annapolis, MD)

"Eli Siegel's Hymn to Jazz and the Like -- and Why I Love It" by Shirley Jones. Tennessee Tribune (Nashville, TN)

"Presentation of 'Hard Times' by Dickens: A Dramatic Presentation of Eli Siegel's Great Lecture." The Journal (L.I.C., Astoria, Jackson Heights, NY)

"The Essence of Kindness" by Ernest DeFilippis  -- On literature in relation to life: love, marriage, and economic injustice. Philippine Post

"Eli Siegel: A Centennial Celebration" by Alice Bernstein. 'This year is the centenary of Eli Siegel (1902-78)....He grew up in Baltimore....It is here that his thought and writing began....Mayor Martin O'Malley writes: "I...hereby proclaim August 16th 2002 as 'Eli Siegel Day' in Baltimore, and do urge all citizens to join in this celebration."' The Baltimore Times (Baltimore, Maryland)


"Young and Old Learn Answer to Racism at Brooklyn Children's Museum" by Alice Bernstein. Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY)


"'Shakespeare, Music, Love — & How You Can Like Yourself': Special Matinee Performance." The Rye Chronicle (Rye, NY)

Tennessee Tribune, 1/6/2000   /  "Simplicity and Complexity in the Temptations’ My Girl, in Love, and in Me" by Kevin Fennell

"Music From China and the Universal Criterion for Beauty" by Professor Edward Green. Music From China Website

The Urgent Question for Men and Woman: How Do We Want to Affect People? Part 1— by Kevin Fennell  Part 2 includes a discussion of Elvis Presley: music, lyrics, life


"Protesting the World War II Memorial" by Dale Laurin and Chaim Koppelman. The Oregonian (

"Art for Justice’s Sake" by Sergio Silveira -- includes discussion of 18th century Brazilian sculptor and architect Antonio Francisco Lisboa. Philippine Post.