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Introductory Note by Martha Baird Siegel
1 The Aesthetic Meaning of Psychiatry 21
2 The World, Guilt and Self-Conflict                   41
3 81
4 The Organization of Self                 123
arrow5 141
6 Some Definitions 159
arrow7 167
8 Inhibitions, Frustrations, Sublimations 193
arrow9 213
10 Psychiatry, Economics, Aesthetics       263
11 An Approach to a Philosophy of Self and Disease     315
Appendix I      2-A Pleasure Described 355
Appendix II     The Frances Sanders Lesson 359
Appendix III    Aesthetic Realism and Dreams 381
Index   407

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"Definition Press of New York has done the bold and necessary thing in publishing a book that is new—revolutionary—on every one of its 400 pages, even as it is solidly in the tradition of inquiry begun by the ancient Greeks" —Smithsonian Institution Magazine Book Reviews


"Eli Siegel, as I understand him, believed that man ought to recognize and acknowledge himself as an integral part of the world, and not as a being wishing to dominate or destroy the world. The only way to be at peace with yourself is to like what's not yourself, and the only way to like what's not yourself is to see the world the way the artist sees his subject." —Lawrence Campbell, Art Students League News


"To a person making a fair comparison, the author of Self and World, Eli Siegel, has understood, explained, elucidated with immense clarity, that unknown terrain which so many have struggled to map without success: the human self. And he has done so in prose that is great literature." —Dr. Arnold Perey, anthropologist




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