Eli Siegel Collection of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Located in the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, the Collection houses the books and some of the manuscripts of Eli Siegel.

This 25,000-volume collection includes world literature, philosophy, works on approaches to mind, poetry, history, art and literary criticism, labor and economics, the sciences. Many books contain handwritten annotations, lecture notes, and original manuscripts of Mr. Siegel's poetry.

Special Collections include French, German, and Spanish literature; Early American History; 19th-Century periodical literature; British and American poetry. 

The Collection is open by appointment to persons seriously studying Aesthetic Realism. 

The Aesthetic Realism Foundation is a not-for-profit educational foundation, established in 1973, teaching Aesthetic Realism through public seminars and dramatic presentations, classes and individual consultations. The Foundation publishes The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, the weekly international periodical edited by Ellen Reiss, Aesthetic Realism Chairman of Education.

Eli Siegel Collection of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation

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