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    Alice Has Never Been in China 

    Here have we China, 
    And here have we: Alice. 
    Alice has never been in China, 
    China never has had Alice; 
    These rooms never had Alice, 
    These rooms are not in China. 
    These rooms never had Alice. 
    Alice, Alice, crying to the stars, 
    A while ago, alone; 
    Alice, Alice, looking at her breakfast, 
    Moodily, considering last night, what it had. 
    Alice, Alice, in a new gown, the best one yet, 
    Have you been in China, have you been in China. 
    Have you been in China, Alice in your new gown,  
         the best one yet. 
    China, which waits for you, 
    China, which has waited millions of years. 
    Alice, Alice. 
    China, China.

From The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1440
© 2000 by Aesthetic Realism Foundation

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