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    Balzac in Bloomingdale's

    Two weeks before Christmas
    I went to Bloomingdale's Department Store
    And was engulfed by the department store feeling:
    "There are too many things here
    And too many people,
    All of them NOT ME.
    Let me scream
    Or run home.
    This is no place for me."

    Bloomingdale's Department Store brought to mind
    Balzac. He would not have screamed
    Or run home. Balzac would have said:
    "Every object on the counters
    Means something.
    Every person
    Has a life.
    This means something to ME.
    Nothing has so many things
    As the full, glorious world!
    I embrace it, I adore it—
    Let me see more of it, and more!
    This is how I thrive!"

    So Balzac spoke to me in Bloomingdale's.
    So I made my purchase like a civilized person,
    And went home
    Like a civilized person.
    A true friend brings out one's strength,
    Not one's ego.
    A true friend makes one like the world.
    Balzac has been a true friend to me, and so
    You'd better not say anything bad about Balzac
    If I'm around.

    From Nice Deity (Definition Press)
    © 1955 by Martha Baird

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