Aesthetic Realism Online Library Poetry by Martha Baird

    Purpose for Radishes

    What is the silly radish doing
    Making its root red
    Underneath the ground?
    The radish does not know that it is red;
    It cannot see itself.
    If there had been no one to pull a radish up,
    No one would ever know that it was red;
    And radishes could go on for generations
    Being red in vain.

    Radishes are wise to be red
    In a world they can be pulled up in; a world they
          can be washed bright in, and made into
          flower-like bunches of red and green in; and
          crushed crisply between teeth to accompany
          bread and butter in;
    And be admired in; and enjoyed in; and seen as red in.
    Let radishes continue
    To grow sillily
    Their red roots underground.

    From Nice Deity (Definition Press)
    © 1955 by Martha Baird

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