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    “In the lines from City of Objects, there is a wide trepidation going for right cherishing. According to these lines, it is an imperative that we cherish the right things.”

—Eli Siegel
From Preface to Personal & Impersonal


    from City of Objects

    Sweet was the air in the city,
    O the nights were lavish.
    Its streets gleamed when the cool rain fell.
    Its bricks and stones grew warm in the sun.
    Its pigeons fluttered in the park.
    Its buses rumbled up and down the avenues,
    Its people bustled here and there,
    Its people walked languidly.
    Its people wandered in many a sometimes silent street,
    Under moon, under sun, under empty sky.
    Men sometimes stood on dockends gazing
    Into sunsets, over river waters dark with blue oil,
    With orange rinds, papers, forgotten things
    Going seaward.
    O Love!
    What is it that we cherish?

From Personal & Impersonal
© 1959 by Terrain Gallery

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