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      Necessity and Choice Always Prevail

      He could have picked up
      What he called the water-stopper
      There in the white sink
      Either by the little ring
      Higher than the rest of the water-stopper;
      Or by the round part in rubber,
      Lower than the ring.
      This he would do by
      Applying thumb and third finger
      Courageously, firmly and simultaneously
      To the rubber in roundness of the water-stopper.
      There is a choice about how to lift a water-stopper of this kind.
      There is choice in the world.

      However, if the ring has gone from the rubber of the water-stopper,
      And you lift the water-stopper for some reason,
      With ring gone—
      You want to lift it perhaps, even, to throw it away,
      There is no choice.
      You have to lift it by the roundness in rubber.

      Necessity then prevails.
      Necessity and choice always prevail.

From Hail, American Development (Definition Press)
© 1967 by Eli Siegel

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