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Poems, Chiefly Scientific

1. To Settle As Chalk

Blankness and thickness
Took a walk;
And while walking decided
To settle as chalk.

2. Anti-Climax

Paper and Ruth
Are in America.
Ruth can say, Ha! —
Near the paper.

3. Seem to Do Most

Thumb on paper
Is something felt.
Thumb and you
Seem to do most of it.

4. Our Struggle for Independence

Under the cover
Was George Washington.
He was on a horse
The next day about noon.
This is part
Of our Struggle for Independence.

5. A Vertebra

As you say, Ha-ha,
It affects a vertebra.

6. Latin: An Annotation

Ella took her time
Studying Latin.
Latin had taken its time
Reaching her.

7. Thank You, Company

In reality we are in Company. —
Say, Thank you, Company!

8. Nothing but Birds?

Those are birds flying.
Don't they look swell?
Nothing but birds?
— Don't be unfair.

9. 16

As we meditate
On 8,
16 gets restless.

10. Filled the Desert: A Poem

A unit, a unit,
A prim and darling unit
Filled the desert.

11. A Cover of an Ashcan Talks

I am the cover of an ashcan.
I am thrown aside often.
But I come back.
I should be praised.
This is a cover of an ashcan talking.

12. Purpose of a Grasshopper

A grasshopper
Is a disguise of God,
Whose purpose it is
To make perhaps weary sod

13. The Wistful Microscopist

A trained microscopist
Can now and then be wist-

14. Drops of Blood, Platelets, Cells: Platelets Do Their Best

These drops of blood
Have little platelets
Which do their best
To take their place
In the great world of science,
Which cells only recently
Distinguished; and became so much of.

Eli Siegel in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1458
© 2001 by Aesthetic Realism Foundation
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