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All for Herself; Shakey

Darkly, between two worlds,
Darkly, impeded;
What it might joy at
Not seen as needed.
Such winsome coils in a little being.
Such sulkiness and so much seeing.
All this is true, as true as its paws.
Sweetly it scowls, without enough cause.
Sweetly she scowls, while wanting to please.
A subtle something in sweet her can freeze
Where it desires to melt:
And kindness is unfelt
By Shakey, the grand one,
Who wants so to understand one
In a true animal manner.
She is not a good planner.
We are not such good planners;
Ours are insufficient manners.
Softness and hardness and dimness
Fight in her herness and himness.
A neck that is soft,
Eyes that go out,
Eyes that go deep,
A soul that's aloft.
A kindness asleep,
Which some day will awake
With a graceful shout,
And Shakey all of herself
Will gladly take
All for herself.

Eli Siegel in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1440
© 2000 by Aesthetic Realism Foundation

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