Aesthetic Realism Online Library Poetry by Eli Siegel

Aesthetic Realism Couplets

1. Better Way

There's always a better way

And what you've got to is a means to it.


2. Everything You See

Everything you see

ls a means to liberty.


3. Fear Always

When we're born, we’re in a daze;

So there's fear always.


4. Angry

Everyone is angry

Because everyone isn’t everything.


5. Afraid

Not to see for what we’re made

ls that much to be afraid.


6. Unless

Unless we assemble

All that we are, we hide and tremble.


7. Reasonable

Unless we see the universe as a reasonable giver

We are morose and shiver.


8. What We Do Not Want

There is a taunt

For that we see as what we do not want.


9. Stress

Wrongly to possess

Is to be under stress.


10. Knowing

Where having is not knowing

Grief is growing.


11. Sin

Not to see what is under and out of our skin

Is to sin.


12. Littlest Thing

The littlest thing in the homeliest place

ls adorned by unlimited space.


13. A Match

A match looks to the stars for help

And gets it.


14. Chemistry

Every instance of honest glee

Was assisted by chemistry.


15. True Science

True science

Makes one less tense.


16. Ecstasy

This, compared to all the pain there is,

Is ecstasy.


17. Poetry


Is the musical map of the world and me.