Aesthetic Realism Online Library Poetry by Eli Siegel

Diamonds Are Correct in This Very Matter

Beautiful miss who comes

With a diamond in her hair

Moodily, reposefully

Up a green stair.

You were born as snow

Came to your town,

And you now are moody

While down

On earth, nettles, moss are.

In your life you have seen

The prisoned lion.

In your eyes there are

Shades of tigers, and more;

Round your nose, serene,

Shadows of rich trees are.

And high on

The diamond that still on your hair

Is, hard and nightly, there are

Miniature gods; they sing

And read and there are

Jewels the gods have.

And there are

Seas the gods may look on,

Waters the jewels may go down in.

There are

Mornings the jewels will be in,

Mornings the gods will smile in.

Seas are

Belongings of clouds and spaces

And they go uttering

Keen praises of keen doings.

Seas are

Friendly to worn diamonds.

Stones are

Highly adored by acquiescent waters.

And so, as you go up the stair,

Miss Brinley, Miss Branley, Miss Kate,

Do your duties to eight

Demands of the soft elements.

Gales are bestowed

On time for you.

And diamonds are

Correct in the matter.

Correct, they're correct

In this very matter.