Aesthetic Realism Online Library Poetry by Eli Siegel

Nothing: A Study

1. The universal is the universeless.

2. Everything must be accompanied by its absence.

3. Possibility is the general drama of nothing and something.

4. What is that which is to be?—it is nothing and something.

5. Art is the making one of something and nothing.

6. The possible form of a thing is nothing as power.

7. Nothing has power.

8. Power, as such, or in itself, or abstractly, is nothing.

9. Everything is nothing.

10. Nothing is what exists thought of as not existing.

11. Existence is what a person is compelled to grant that person has thought of in any way.

12. Infinity, as such, then exists; and, as such, it is nothing.

13. Infinity is the absence of outline, looking for it, through our thought.

14. The absence of outline as such, is nothing.

15. The absence of outline in terms of smallness is likewise nothing.

16. Nothing is the outline, as immediacy, of infinity as large and of infinity as small.

17. Thingness is the immediacy of nothing.

18. Thingness of infinity as large is in, thingness of infinity as small is out.

19. Being, thought of as without weight, is nothing.

20. Non-being is the utter absence of weight and outline.

21. Nothing is felt all the time.

22. Nothing is the unconscious as utter beginning.

23. We are nothing, as utter beginning.

24. Nothing still permeates things utterly; the utter beginning of a thing permeates a thing utterly.

25. Being then is nonsense.

26. The description of being is nonsense; for nothing, as such, is nonsense.

27. We experience nothing, but we don't know that we experience it.

28. Death is nothing or nonsense thought of as experience.

29. Death, thought of, is a thing.

30. Value arises out of the interaction of something and nothing.

31. This interaction is drama.

32. Nothing is feared.

33. The person who fears Nothing does so because he does not accept himself.

34. A person is Nothing all the time.

35. A person is Nothing as definite, knowing its definiteness definitely.

36. Consciousness is the definition of nothing.

37. Nothing is here, with love.

38. Pure existence and nothing as pure are the hardest things to see.

39. Nothing is the source of holiness.

40. Nothing shows itself as white.

41. Nothing, thought of as thick, shows itself as black.

42. Nothing, as what we're of and what we're out of, is what we seek.

43. Life as process is the joining of nothings.

44. Two nothings meeting are happy something.

45. The abstract, which is nothing, is one's best friend.


46. The abstract, in a person's mind, is no longer abstract only.