Aesthetic Realism Online Library Poetry by Eli Siegel

Stars Exhorted, Revealed


These are stars and as stars will

They light up wars, and intensify jewels.

They are around when monks are still

And monasteries are. They have no rules

And yet are wholly regular, wholly obedient

To Gods, God, Might, Time and Dreams.

They think it at times expedient

To linger over roof tops; of extremes

They're fond, of pleasure just as much.

And they get much joy from the touch

Of virtuous nymphs in cold spaces.

How abashed the stars are when they are shown

To be assistants wrongly at times of currents

Of cold, waves of warmness; and their moan

Then is lovely and to be heard,

To be heard. Stars are seldom to be had,

Seldom to be seen; even if profusion

Of them is. They'll be given word

Of renouncement, lateness, time,

And of how he went fast along.