Aesthetic Realism Online Library Poetry by Eli Siegel

Summer Again in New Jersey

New Jersey cops in summer

On New Jersey highways

Have been chosen for something.

You see them, as you may look at clouds

In the midst of July,

With motors about

And the leaves of New Jersey trees.

One can go mad for New Jersey

With its careful selection

Of cops and clouds,

Motors, leaves and trees.

Was there ever a more selecting state?

Just think, it has selected gasoline

To have in it, in summer—

Even though it makes you, or may, kind of sick.

How long will New Jersey go on selecting?

What is New Jersey?



Ah, New Jersey motors, you are fine,

You throb in the summer air.

You pass the New Jersey pine,

You go towards Connecticut where

Again, there are cops and gasoline.

Was such an arrangement ever seen

Before? Yes, between Minnesota and Michigan.

Again, gasoline, cops, clouds,

And summer air and summer blue.

Michigan air and blue.

A presence and absence of crowds,

A man walking in summer alone.

The motory summer tone,

The summer of Connecticut.

Reality seems open and shut.

Ah, selecting New Jersey, selecting Connecticut.

Summer Minnesota, summer Michigan.

Summer again.

Summer again.