Aesthetic Realism Online Library Poetry by Eli Siegel

That Are

This bird flying in the grey of sky,

Reached a church spire, by and by.

Church spire going into grey, rain near.

Rain near, rain near; autumn of the year.

Rat scurries underneath in the church; isn't in a hurry.

Leaves go about the church, all in a flurry.

Man loses hat, walking by the church; goes running after it.

Runs and runs; gets it. Takes off a bit

Of mud got on it. Church spire goes into grey

Of sky. Man goes another way;

So does bird. Church spire goes into grey of sky.

Rain now is falling. This is why

Now leaves are wet; they're brown, red, yellow and wet.

Man is walking somewhere else. Hasn't come yet

To where Miss Elizabeth lives. Wants to see her. Rain falls on him and wets him. Man doesn't like it and runs a little. Gets tired very soon though. Thinks of a bright afternoon, with wind, in summer, in Boston near here.

Man runs near where Miss Sproat lives, when he gets so near Miss Elizabeth Sproat sees him. She says, O dear.

When he's in, says, William, you're wet.

So he is; so he is. It was two years ago they met.

Where is the bird now? How is the rat?

How are other things? That

ARE. How are other things?