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The Aesthetic Realism Online Library is the definitive online source for publications about the philosophy founded by poet, critic, and educator Eli Siegel.

On this map (below) you will find a link to every page in the Online Library. As you scroll down, you will see links to the subject of Poetry (including poetry by Eli Siegel and criticism of poetry); Reviews; Books; Articles in the Press & Media (including on the subjects of education, racism, the economy; war and peace; art and life, and more); Lectures by Eli Siegel; Definitions by Eli Siegel ; issues of The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, the international periodical.


The following poems are from Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana; Hail, American Development; The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known; and other journals.

diamond bulletHot Afternoons Have Been in Montana
diamond bulletRalph Isham, 1753 and Later
diamond bulletSomewhere This
diamond bulletDear Birds, Tell This to Mothers
diamond bulletLocal Stop, Sheridan Square
diamond bulletMust I Wait All My Life; or, The Misery Song
diamond bulletSomething Else Should Die
diamond bulletThey Look at Us
diamond bulletKaddish (Words Having Holiness)
diamond bulletThis Summer Morning Mariana Has
diamond bulletQuiet, Tears, Babies
diamond bulletTo Dylan Thomas
diamond bulletHymn to Jazz and the Like
diamond bulletObservations in the Metre of Tamburlaine on the Norman Mailer Turbulence....
diamond bulletPoems, Chiefly Scientific
diamond bulletHave the Lily
diamond bulletAfternoon
diamond bulletAn Instance of Dyspepsia
diamond bulletA Marriage
diamond bulletThe Dark That Was Is Here
diamond bulletAmiable Thoughts for Someone in a Hospital
diamond bulletNeighboring You
diamond bulletThe Unknown Should Be Good
diamond bulletAlice Has Never Been in China
diamond bulletAll For Herself; Shakey
diamond bulletWhat Food Deserves: A Canticle
diamond bullet
Night in 1242
diamond bulletHow Fine This All
diamond bulletAnd There Prevail
diamond bulletTheir Birds' World Was Shaken
diamond bulletThe Lord Has Stolen Her Whims
diamond bulletNecessity and Choice Always Prevail
diamond bulletWhat Is Newer Than an Ancient Daisy?
diamond bulletMeadow and a Stem
diamond bulletSummer
diamond bulletApathetic Landlord
diamond bulletEagles Go with the Fine News to Many Places
diamond bulletCharacter Sketch
diamond bulletAmiable Thoughts for Someone in a Hospital
diamond bullet
Girl and Moon
diamond bulletLadies Ever, Ever, Ever Lightly Go Across Sweet, Green Swards

Short Poems

diamond bullet One Question
diamond bullet 21 Distichs about Children
diamond bullet Love and Jobs
diamond bullet Discouraged People
diamond bullet Still the Dawn
diamond bullet Spark
diamond bullet Come, Spring Flowers
diamond bullet Contemporary History
diamond bullet List
diamond bullet Naera Says "Coming" No Longer


diamond bulletI Should Love to Be Loved, by Endre Ady
diamond bulletAnonymous:

     •Roland and the Archbishop: From Chanson de Roland
•The Song of the Potter: Ceylon Folk Poem
diamond bulletThe Laurels Are Cut Down, by Théodore de Banville
diamond bulletHer Lunch-Tray, by Basho
diamond bulletThe Splash, by Basho
diamond bulletTo the Reader, by Charles Baudelaire
diamond bulletThe Voyage, VIII; by Charles Baudelaire
diamond bulletHymn, by Charles Baudelaire
diamond bulletThe Albatross, by Charles Baudelaire
diamond bulletMourn This Sparrow, by Gaius Valerius Catullus
diamond bulletThe Poem of Catullus about Attis, by Gaius Valerius Catullus
diamond bullet
The Idea of Beauty Is Adored in This World, by Joachim Du Bellay
diamond bulletThe Cydnus, by José Maria de Heredia
diamond bulletTowards Homer: Free Verse, Beginning with the First Lines of Pope's Translation of the Odyssey, by Homer
diamond bulletThe Expiation, by Victor Hugo
diamond bulletThe Milkmaid and the Pot of Milk, by Jean de La Fontaine
diamond bulletThe Oak and the Reed, by Jean de La Fontaine
diamond bulletThe Wolf and the Lamb, by Jean de La Fontaine
diamond bulletA Strong City Is Our God, by Martin Luther
diamond bulletTwo Stanzas from French Literature about Death: In Stances à Du Perrier, by François de Malherbe
diamond bulletCarry Me Away, by Henri Michaux
diamond bulletThe Fall of the Leaves, by Charles Hubert Millevoye
diamond bulletDuval Is on the Run: The People Are on the March, by José María Quiroga Pla
diamond bullet
The Voice, by Henri de Régnier
diamond bulletHappiness, by Arthur Rimbaud
diamond bulletAt Thermopylae, by Simonides of Ceos
diamond bulletArt Poétique, by Paul Verlaine
diamond bulletAutumn Song, by Paul Verlaine
diamond bulletSome Lines from Voltaire's Poem on the Disaster at Lisbon, by François Marie Arouet de Voltaire

Critics Speak about Eli Siegel's Poetry

diamond bulletWilliam Carlos Williams. Letter, 1951
diamond bulletKenneth Rexroth. Review,  New York Times, 1969
diamond bulletEllen Reiss.  On a Series of Eli Siegel's Poems titled "The Persistence of Fabric"
diamond bulletWalter Leuba. Whole in Brightness, New Mexico Quarterly, August 17, 1957
diamond bulletSelden Rodman.  Saturday Review, August 17, 1957
diamond bulletWilliam Packard.  newsART—The Smith

What Is Poetry ?

diamond bulletThe Aesthetic Realism Explanation of Poetry. Taught by Ellen Reiss
diamond bulletThe Immediate Need for Poetry by Eli Siegel
diamond bulletLectures by Eli Siegel on Poetry.
arrowSee Poetry and Women
arrowPoetry and Keenness
arrowPoetry and History, and more
diamond bulletWoman's Dissatisfaction: When Is It Right and Wrong? With a Study of Edna St. Vincent Millay by Margot Carpenter

The following discussions by Eli Siegel and Ellen Reiss in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known describe poetry technically; what makes for its music; and how the lives of poets comment on matters that concern people most:

diamond bullet Robert Browning
diamond bullet Robert Burns
diamond bullet Lord Byron
diamond bulletEmily Dickinson
diamond bullet John Donne
diamond bullet Thomas Gray
diamond bullet H.D. [Hilda Doolittle]
diamond bullet Gerard Manley Hopkins
diamond bullet John Keats


• Scribner's Magazine Book Reviews by Eli Siegel

diamond bulletA Calendar of Sin by Evelyn Scott
diamond bulletMark Twain's America by Bernard DeVoto
diamond bulletTragic America by Theodore Dreiser
diamond bulletA Cultural History of the Modern Age by Egon Friedell, Vol. II
diamond bulletThe Sibyl of the North: The Tale of Christina, Queen of Sweden by Faith Compton Mackenzie
diamond bulletThe Life of Emerson by Van Wyck Brooks
diamond bulletAdventures in Genius by Will Durant
diamond bulletThe Soul of America by Arthur Hobson Quinn
diamond bulletAnn Vickers by Sinclair Lewis
diamond bulletBreathe Upon These Slain by Evelyn Scott
diamond bulletThe Sheltered Life by Ellen Glasgow
diamond bulletThe First Wife and Other Stories by Pearl S. Buck
diamond bulletEimi by E.E. Cummings
diamond bulletEva Gay by Evelyn Scott
diamond bulletThree Cities: A Trilogy by Sholom Asch
diamond bulletEdmund Kean by Harold Newcomb Hillebrand
diamond bulletWilliam Carlos Williams: Collected Poems, 1921-1931
diamond bulletJohn Dryden by T.S. Eliot
diamond bulletSelected Essays: 1917-1932 by T.S. Eliot
diamond bulletThe Road Leads On by Knut Hamsun
diamond bulletThe Proud and the Meek (Men of Good Will, Part II) by Jules Romains
diamond bulletThe Proud and the Meek (Men of Good Will, vol. III) by Jules Romains

• New York Evening Post Literary Review by Eli Siegel

diamond bullet"Hardy's Four Lines Called Best in Poetry Anthology" by Eli Siegel, November 28, 1925

Reviews of Eli Siegel's Works & Works about Aesthetic Realism

diamond bulletWilliam Carlos Williams. Letter, 1951
diamond bulletKenneth Rexroth. Review,  New York Times, 1969
diamond bulletEllen Reiss.  On a Series of Eli Siegel's Poems titled "The Persistence of Fabric"
diamond bulletWalter Leuba. Whole in Brightness, New Mexico Quarterly, August 17, 1957
diamond bulletSelden Rodman.  Saturday Review, August 17, 1957
diamond bulletWilliam Packard.  newsART—The Smith
diamond bulletSmithsonian
Book Reviews, Washington, DC, February, 1982. Review of Self and World
diamond bulletREVIEW of Self and World by anthropologist Arnold Perey, 2005
diamond bulletART STUDENTS LEAGUE NEWS review by Lawrence Campbell
diamond bullet Ralph Hattersley in Popular Photography. Review of Aesthetic Realism: We Have Been There—Six Artists on the Siegel Theory of Opposites
diamond bullet Library Journal review of Aesthetic Realism: We Have Been There

 Books by Eli Siegel and about Aesthetic Realism

• SELF AND WORLD: An Explanation of Aesthetic Realism by Eli Siegel
arrow Table of Contents
arrow Excerpt from "Preface"
arrow Imagination, Reality and Aesthetics [Chapter 5]
arrow Love and Reality [Chapter 7]
arrow The Child [Chapter 9]
arrow The Aesthetic Method in Self-Conflict [Chapter 3]


• CHILDREN'S GUIDE TO PARENTS & OTHER MATTERS: Little Essays for Children and Others by Eli Siegel
arrow Work [Chapter 10]
arrow Books [Chapter 11]




• THE WILLIAMS-SIEGEL DOCUMENTARY. Ellen Reiss and Martha Baird (eds.) Including: Williams' Poetry Talked about by Eli Siegel, and William Carlos Williams Present and Talking: 1952

• JAMES AND THE CHILDREN: A Consideration of Henry James's The Turn of the Screw. A lecture series by Eli Siegel edited by Martha Baird.
arrow Table of Contents
arrow Careful Hovering [Chapter 1]

• THE MODERN QUARTERLY BEGINNINGS OF AESTHETIC REALISM, 1922-1923. The Equality of Man.  The Scientific Criticism & more.


• TWO AESTHETIC REALISM PAPERS:  1. Opposites in the Drama; 2. Opposites in Myself by Martha Baird

• AESTHETIC REALISM: WE HAVE BEEN THERE — Six Artists on the Siegel Theory of Opposites. Essays on art, acting, photography. Illus. By Chaim Koppelman, Anne Fielding, et al.

• FOUR ESSAYS on THE ART OF THE PRINT by Chaim Koppelman

• DAMNED WELCOME: AESTHETIC REALISM MAXIMS by Eli Siegel. Drawings by Chaim Koppelman.

• GWE: YOUNG MAN OF NEW GUINEA a novel against racism by Arnold Perey

 WERE THEY EQUAL? An anti-prejudice book for children, based on Aesthetic Realism, by Arnold Perey

 Articles in the news

WKCR interview of Eli Siegel on "The World of Art" conducted by Peter Gorlin (Columbia University) in three parts:

arrow for Aesthetic Realism in the PressPart I: The Intrepid As Contemporary
Part II: What Is Aesthetic Realism
Part III "Somewhere This": About It

Articles written about Eli Siegel have appeared in:

arrowGreenwich Village Weekly News, 1933, no. 3, "Village Portraits — Eli Siegel" by J. Dosbriora Irwin
arrowThe SUN Baltimore, MD, Thursday, April 25, 2002 by Rob Hiaasen, SUN STAFF
arrowThe Washington Post, Washington, DC, August 16, 1978 by Michael Kernan
arrowThe Evening Sun, Baltimore, MD, Wednesday, July 28, 1982 by James H. Bready

arrow ARTICLES ON EDUCATION. The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method described by teachers in professional journals and in newspapers across the continent.

South Carolina Black News / 2006 "The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Shows Education is Ethics!" Part 1: "Biodiversity and the Emperor Penguin"Part Two:" Organic Kindness on the Ice of Antarctica"

Missouri State Post (Kansas City, MO) May 19-25, 2005 "Students Learn, Prejudice Is Defeated—The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method! " by Sally Ross

PSTA Exchange (Pennsylvania State Teachers Association) Spring, 2002 Vol. 25 No. 1 "The Success of the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method" by Rosemary Plumstead

Greenwich Village Gazette (Internet, New York, NY) 1/31/01 "What Kind of Education Do Our Children Deserve?" by Anthony Romeo and Karen Van Outryve

The Teacher / Great Britain teachers' union national journal (National Union of Teachers, United Kingdom) 11/00 "Teaching through Aesthetic Realism" by Christopher Balchin

The English Record: Journal of the New York State English Council, Vol. 53, no. 2: Winter, 2003 "Teaching Language Arts through the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method" by Avi Gvili. On pronouns

LaVida News-The Black Voice (Fort Worth, TX) 10/10/01 "The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method is the Solution to the Crisis in Education!" by Jeffrey Williams

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) 12/5/2001 "Young and Old Learn Answer to Racism at Brooklyn Children's Museum" by Alice Bernstein

Allegro, Local 802 News (American Federation of Musicians, New York, NY) 10/00 "Proud To Be An 802 Member" by Alan Shapiro, music teacher

San Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) 9/21/00 - 9/28/00 "The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Is the Solution to the Crisis in Education--Teachers Tell Why" by Helena Simon, Part 1, and Part 2: "Density; or, the Opposites of Full and Empty, Heavy and Light"

Tennessee Tribune (Nashville, Tennessee) 2/16/00 "Prejudice Changes to Respect: The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method" by Barbara McClung 

Tennessee Tribune, 8/26/99 and 9/9/99 "The Success of the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method: Students Learn, Prejudice Is Defeated" by Patricia Martone

The English Record, Journal of the New York State English Council (Albany, NY) vol. 49, no. 1, Fall 1998 "Through Aesthetic Realism Interest Wins, Cynicism Loses"  by Leila Rosen

San Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) 11/8/98 - 1/28/99 "The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Succeeds," a four part series.

Part 1 & Part 2: Reading lessons : elementary school. Contains: "The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Brings Out Every Child's True Intelligence — and Education Succeeds!" by Monique Michael

Part 3 & Part 4: Lessons in high school biology: environmental science . Contains: "Through the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Knowledge Opposes Anger — & Students Learn!" by Rosemary Plumstead

San Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) Part 1, 6/20/99; Part 2, 6/20/99 Article by Lori Colavito about Kindergarten mathematics

Part 1: "The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method: Students Learn, Prejudice Is Defeated!"

Part 2: "Through the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Addition and Subtraction Oppose Prejudice."

Courier Publications (Queens, New YorkJanuary 22-28, 1998 by Helena Simon: A personal account of children's objection to learning reading and the success of the Aesthetic Realism teaching method in a very young person's life.

Southwest Digest (Lubbock, Texas) 11/27/97-12/3/97 "Children Learn to Read through the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method!" by Monique Michael

Louisiana Weekly, New Orleans "The Aesthetic Realism Method" by Patricia Martone

arrow ARTICLES ON RACISM. Teachers and writers, Black, White, and Latino, explore in diverse news sources the hitherto unseen role of contempt as the fundamental cause of racism.

Button imageCaribbean Life (New York, NY) January, 2006. Also in: Omaha Star, Buffalo Criterion, Kansas State Globe, Missouri State Post. "Aesthetic Realism Answer to Racism at Independent Book Fair in NYC"

Button imageCityBeat (Cincinnati, OH) 1/14/04 "On racism and how to end it"  by Nancy Huntting 

Button imageSouthwest Digest (Lubbock, Texas) 1/9/03 "Poems by Eli Siegel about Martin Luther King and America" by Alice Bernstein / Also by Alice Bernstein:    

South Carolina Black News 5/2006 "Jack Hasegawa and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the South" Parts 1,2, & 3     Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) 12/5/01  "Young and Old Learn Answer to Racism at Brooklyn Children's Museum"

International Guardian (International News Network Online) 11/00   "The Genome and 'The Equality of Man'" by Alice Bernstein.

The Mississippi Link, 11/25/98  "Aesthetic Realism Explains Where Racism Begins — and What Can End It"

Chicago Defender (Chicago, Illinois) 3/9/00  "Words, Truth, and the Confederate Flag"

Button imageThe Black World Today (Internet) 3/15/00 "Fascism, Understood At Last!" by Ruth Oron

Button imageThe Black World Today (Internet) 12/15/98 "Aesthetic Realism: The Solution to Racism" by Arnold Perey, Ph.D.

Button imageIndiaStar (Internet), 10/13/97 Queen's Visit to Amritsar" by Christopher Balchin.

Button imageCommuter News, 8/4/98 "Reader Condemns Racism in Area / USA" by Edward Green.

Button imageMiami Times, 2/27/97 "It Is in Contempt that the Root of Racism Lies" by Allan Michael.

Button imageTennessee Tribune, 2/16/00 "Prejudice Changes to Respect: The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method" by Barbara McClung

Button imageTennessee Tribune, 8/26/99 and 9/9/99 "The Success of the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method: Students Learn, Prejudice Is Defeated!" by Patricia Martone

Button imageThe Daily Challenge (New York, NY) 5/5/99 "Aesthetic Realism and the Anthropology of Africa" by Edward Green

Button imageSan Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) Part 1, 6/20/99 ; Part 2, 6/20/99 Kindergarten mathematics:

Part 1: "The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method: Students Learn, Prejudice Is Defeated!" Article by Lori Colavito about arithmetic lessons in kindergarten. Part 2: "Through the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Addition and Subtraction Oppose Prejudice."

arrowON THE ECONOMY. Experts in the fields of labor, education, and business write on the cause of the well-known injustice to working people in our economy today

Northport Journal (Huntington, NY) 12/19/99 "Filmmaker Tackles Homelessness Issues" by Carol Parker

Newsday, 9/26/2005 "The Bane of True Democracy" by Timothy Lynch, President of Teamsters Local 1205

The Wall Street Journal, 10/15/96 "Layoffs and Sweatshops Threaten Our Economy" by Timothy Lynch, Teamsters local 1205

American Planning Association ( Fall, 1999 "Housing in America: a Basic Human Right" by Barbara Buehler

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California) 9/4/00 "When High Profits Drive Trucking, Accidents Happen" by Timothy Lynch, Teamsters local 1205

The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 1/22/00 "Helping Firefighters Battle Hepatitis C Is Civic Duty" by Richel Clerkin, R.N.

The Philippine Post Magazine, 2/02 "Purposes in America...Once and Now" by Ellen Reiss, Class Chairman of Aesthetic Realism

Herald News (Northern New Jersey) 5/8/04 "Unions Remain Strong, Vital" by Timothy Lynch, President, Teamsters Local 1205

Back Stage: The Performing Arts Weekly (New York, New York) 6/23-29/00 "Cheers for SAG-AFTRA" by Anne Fielding, Aesthetic Realism consultant / Director, Aesthetic Realism Theatre Co.

Financial Times (London, UK) 10/4/00 "We Actors Deserve Our Share of the Wealth We Help Produce" by Carol McCluer of the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company

Long Beach Times (Long Beach, California) 8/23/01 "Union Leader Outlines Most Important Study for America" by Alice Bernstein

arrowOn WAR and PEACE. The authors (whose backgrounds are international) ask: How does Aesthetic Realism understand the cause of war?

bulletLake Champlain Weekly (Plattsburgh, NY) 10/12-18/05  "The Spirit of America Lives at TICONDEROGA" by Harvey Spears

bulletThe Sun-Herald (Rocky River, OH) 6/3/04  "< class="arialtenpoint">Contempt can become a very dangerous thing" by Maureen Butler

bullet Woodstock Times (Woodstock, NY) 5/13/04 - 5/19/04 "Contempt is the Beginning" by Carol Driscoll

bullet Chicago Standard News (Chicago, IL) 5/2/02; Rock Island Argus 4/28/02, & more "Contempt Must Be Studied for Mideast Terror to End!" by Ruth Oron, Harriet Bernstein, Zehava Fishman, Avi Gvili, Zvia Ratz, Rose Levy, Leah Shazar

bulletNew York Beacon (New York, NY) 1/31/01 - 2/6/02 [and other newspapers] "Israeli Mother and Daughter Outline Keys to Peace -- An Open Letter" by Leah Shazar and Ruth Oron

bulletThe African Herald (Dallas, TX) 10/01 "For a Safe World, a Sane World" by Miriam Weiss and Joseph Spetly

bulletThe Oregonian ( 6/11/01 "Protesting the World War II Memorial" by Dale Laurin and Chaim Koppelman

arrowOn LOVE and the FAMILY. Women and men of diverse ages show what happens when families—and individuals in their search for love—understand a crucial Aesthetic Realism concept: The purpose of love is to like the whole world through a person.

Queens Ledger (Queens, NY) (7/24/02) "How Should We See the Loss of a Loved One?" by Marion Fennell 

The Miami Herald (2/10/01) "Love World, Yourself" by Margot Carpenter

Philippine Post (November 2000) "The Essence of Kindness" by Ernest DeFilippis

Kent Good Times Dispatch (Kent, Connecticut) 9/8/00 "A Mother Reconsidered" by Dorli DiGregorio

Tennessee Tribune, 6/15-21/00 "A Father Asks: What Do Children Really Want from Their Parents?" by Joseph Meglino

Caribbean Life (New York City) 2/8/00 "Love and Self-Respect – A Lasting Valentine" by Margot Carpenter

San Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) 7/15/99 & 7/29/99 Part 1 & Part 2: "Power, Love, Sex—and Mistakes People Make about Them!" by Aesthetic Realism consultant Ernest De Filippis.  Includes excerpt of Eli Siegel speaking to the author in an Aesthetic Realism Lesson

EXODUS Newsmagazine (San Jose, California) 4/27/99 "The Debate in Women Between Boredom and Interest" by Marion Fennell

U.S. African Eye (Brooklyn, New York / International) 1/99 - 2/99 "Love, Power, Goodwill" by Edward Green, professor at Manhattan School of Music 

Caribbean Life (New York City) 11/10/98 "Learn How Marriage Can Succeed in a Failed Economy" by Barbara Allen

Mississippi Link (Jackson, MS)  12/17/98 "What Is True Power in a Man?" by David M. Bernstein

The Mobile Beacon & Atlanta Citizen  (Mobile, AL) 7/25/98 "A Father, Seen Newly" by Ruth Oron.

Caribbean Life (New York City) 9/1/98 "How Should a Widow Cope with the Loss of Her Spouse?" by Anne Fielding

Bloomfield Life (Bloomfield, NJ) 3/12/98 "Parenting Workshop to Continue"

arrowOn YOUTH & AGE. The authors of these articles write on the hopes of young people to like the world they were born into and what can young men and women learn to meet that great hope.

Idaho Senior News (Boise, Idaho) 10/97 and 11/97 "We Can Feel More Alive at Any Age" by Irene Reiss. 

Dayton Weekly News (Dayton, OH) 3/15/01 "Despair About Aging: What Will Stop It?" by Sarah Weiss

The Tennessee Tribune (Nashville, TN) 6/11-6/13/01 Aesthetic Realism explains that "Everything in this World Has Meaning" writes Irene Reiss

The Philadelphia Sunday Sun (Philadelphia, PA) June 11, 2006 "Groundbreaking After-School Program Based on Aesthetic Realism" by Alice Bernstein

Henryetta Free Lance (Henryetta, OK) 11/12/02 "Why Do Kids Turn to Violence? Carduner Explains the Answer" by Jeffrey Carduner

Bloomfield Life, 4/29/99 "Contempt Kills" by Rev. Wayne J. Plumstead -- The horrific carnage on April 20 in Littleton, Colo., once again has a stunned America asking what it is that provokes our children to cold-blooded murder.

San Antonio Register, 1/7/99 "Why Young Men Are Bored and Angry" by Robert Murphy 

Atlanta Inquirer, 10/11/97 "Violence Must Not Ruin Schools" by Dr. Arnold Perey

arrow On MEN'S ISSUES & MORE. (1) Aesthetic Realism understands how a man wants to be both tough and kind, and looks for an authentic solution. (2) Aesthetic Realism is also interested in whether a person may interfere with his or her own self-expression.

Mississippi Link (Jackson, Mississippi) 12/17/98 "What Is True Power in a Man?" by David M. Bernstein

Originally Published in the San Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) 3/11, 3/18, 3/25/99 "True Strength in a Man -- With a Discussion about Muhammad Ali" -- Aesthetic Realism Seminar by Michael Palmer: Part 1 - True Strength, Part 2 - True Strength, Part 3

"Canadian Association for People Who Stutter" Website & "The Stuttering Home Page," 6/6/99 On her Aesthetic Realism and Self-Expression website, Miriam Mondlin has posted her noted article "How My Stuttering Ended"

Westport Minuteman (Westport, CT)  5/4/00 "Aesthetic Realism vs. Eating Disorders" by Meryl Nietsch-Cooperman

The Sun Herald, (Biloxi, Mississippi) 4/22/98 "Attitude Toward World Is Driving Each Driver" by Lynette Abel

arrow On ART and LIFE. Articles in professional journals and newspapers by professionals and scholars in the following fields: the visual arts, architecture, film, drama, photography, poetry and literature.


"Art Answers the Questions of Your Life" by Dorothy Koppelman and Carrie Wilson, Terrain Gallery Directors, at "International Conversations Through Art" (31st InSEA World Congress -- International Society for Education through the Arts --August, 2002, New York City.)

"Freedom and Order: The Quilt Masterpieces of Gee’s Bend" by Alice BernsteinThe Harlem Times (New York, New York) 2/22/03

"Wonder and 'Matter-of-Fact' Meet or the Imagination of Beatrix Potter" by Marcia Rackow

"Aesthetic Realism and Picasso's Guernica: for Life" by Dorothy Koppelman

"Bruegel's Peasant Wedding Celebrates the True Purpose of Marriage" by Ruth Oron

"Scene of Her Mind Change" by Faith Stern. About the place of the Terrain Gallery in the history of 39 Grove Street and the effect of this cultural institution on one's life. The Villager (New York, NY)

"The Surprising & Abiding Opposites" at the Terrain Gallery by Carrie Wilson

"Chaim Koppelman: A Selection of Works on Paper" -- Review of show at the Beatrice Conde Gallery, New York, NY, by Marcia Rackow, Journal of the Print World

"Kindness and a Father" by artist and Aesthetic Realism Consultant Chaim Koppelman. The Dayton Weekly News

"We Can Learn about Ourselves from Winslow Homer's The Gulf Stream" by Daniel Reiss. Tennessee Tribune

"The Dark Angels" a charcoal drawing by Chaim Koppelman, at the National Academy Museum. New York Times

"Our Selves Are Aesthetic!" -- About Monet's Autumn Effect at Argenteuil and Aesthetic Realism Consultations by Ruth Oron


"The Opposites -- 2001: The Print. A Review and Some History" by Alma Vincent. Journal of the Print World (Meredith, NH)

"Power and Tenderness in Men and Picasso's Minotauromachy" by Chaim Koppelman. Journal of the Print World

"Confrontation 2" by Chaim Koppelman. National Academy exhibition"Treasures Revealed: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Works on Paper," Museum and School of Fine Arts


"Open Mike at Peez Leweez: an Enticing Evening of Music and Poetry" by Richard A. Ross. The River Reporter (Narrowsburg, New York)— "Len Bernstein’s photographs are on exhibit at Peez Leweez....[His] work speaks to the observer about the connectedness of the human experience....Bernstein explains his photograph 'The Young Critic,' above, as follows: 'Children are not usually seen as having keen, critical perception that can be of deep use to us.... I tried to show his dignity through composition..." > more


"An Oscar for Elia Kazan? He cannot be forgiven for betraying his friends" by Anne Fielding. Philadelphia Inquirer


"Two Poems by Eli Siegel about Martin Luther King and America" by Alice Bernstein. Annapolis Times (Annapolis, MD)

"Eli Siegel's Hymn to Jazz and the Like -- and Why I Love It" by Shirley Jones. Tennessee Tribune (Nashville, TN)

"Presentation of 'Hard Times' by Dickens: A Dramatic Presentation of Eli Siegel's Great Lecture." The Journal (L.I.C., Astoria, Jackson Heights, NY)

"The Essence of Kindness" by Ernest DeFilippis  -- On literature in relation to life: love, marriage, and economic injustice. Philippine Post

"Eli Siegel: A Centennial Celebration" by Alice Bernstein. 'This year is the centenary of Eli Siegel (1902-78)....He grew up in Baltimore....It is here that his thought and writing began....Mayor Martin O'Malley writes: "I...hereby proclaim August 16th 2002 as 'Eli Siegel Day' in Baltimore, and do urge all citizens to join in this celebration."' The Baltimore Times (Baltimore, Maryland)


"Young and Old Learn Answer to Racism at Brooklyn Children's Museum" by Alice Bernstein. Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY)


"'Shakespeare, Music, Love — & How You Can Like Yourself': Special Matinee Performance." The Rye Chronicle (Rye, NY)

Tennessee Tribune, 1/6/2000   /  "Simplicity and Complexity in the Temptations’ My Girl, in Love, and in Me" by Kevin Fennell

"Music From China and the Universal Criterion for Beauty" by Professor Edward Green. Music From China Website

The Urgent Question for Men and Woman: How Do We Want to Affect People? Part 1.  Part 2 includes a discussion of Elvis Presley: music, lyrics, life


"Protesting the World War II Memorial" by Dale Laurin and Chaim Koppelman. The Oregonian (

"Art for Justice’s Sake" by Sergio Silveira -- includes discussion of 18th century Brazilian sculptor and architect Antonio Francisco Lisboa. Philippine Post.

The following letters about Eli Siegel and his thought were written by authorities in their fields who show something of the history and motivation of persons who have lied about Aesthetic Realism:

arrow for Aesthetic Realism in the PressLetter by Ralph Hattersley, critic of photography
arrowLetter by William Carlos Williams, American poet

 Essays by the founder of Aesthetic Realism

The Ordinary Doom. "If we judge from history, we are doomed not to show our feelings; not to have them known...." arrow more

• On Aesthetic Realism As New. "Here are some of the differences between Aesthetic Realism and some of the important presentations of opposites we have had in the past..."

36 Things about America. "An Arithmetical Assemblage of Notations on the Persisting..."

Are Feelings Objects? or, The Alienation of Any Time. "It would seem that feelings are objects, for they can be thought about; and, insofar as they can change, they can have something done to them....If we don't want to see our feelings as objects, or can't see them as objects, we are that much alienated..."

Shakespeare's Hamlet: Revisited. From The Prologue: "It is a new Hamlet because it is a Hamlet who does not care for his father entirely. Insufficient care for a father has much to do with what happens in the play, and what doesn't; also with how the play goes on..."

Aesthetic Realism Asks Thirty-Five Questions about Mathematics (Reprinted from The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 605 (7 November 1984)

What Is the Best Punctuation for the Self? (Reprinted from The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1616 (16 June 2004)

• Is a Person an Aesthetic Situation? A Short Explanation Given by Eli Siegel in an Interview with Lewis Nichols of the New York Times Book Review, January 14, 1969... arrow more

 Lectures by Eli Siegel published serially in The Right Of

There Are Two Freedoms in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1674-1680

(4) Two Women
(5) To Be Herself

Selves Are in Economics in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1511-1521

Educational Method Is Poetic in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1448-1457

Aesthetic Realism and Nature in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1417-1423

(5)  With & Against Nature
(6)  Logic: A Product of Nature
(7)  Nature Is Unity and Variety

Ownership, Strikes, Unions in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1356-1366

Poetry and Keenness in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, no. 1314-1323

(6)  Beyond Surface
(7)  The Senses and the Self
(8)  More about Keenness
(9) Whole Vision
(10) Keenness Divides and Joins

(7)  Mahler: Awesome and Frail
(8)  Conflicts in Music
(9)  Music: Pain and Pleasure
(10) Junction, Separation, Evil
(11) The Melody of Conscience

Poetry and History in TRO no. 1385-1393


Selections from:
Definitions, and Comment: Being a Description of the World by Eli Siegel


 The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known:
The international periodical
of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Current Issues of The Right Of  [click here]

1. Aesthetic Realism Itself

*Aesthetic Realism: A Tripartite Study  / December 21, 1977
Eli Siegel's explanation of Aesthetic Realism as a study in three parts: 1. Liking the World; 2. The Opposites; and 3. The Meaning of Contempt.

*"The Opposites Theory" by Eli Siegel / Serialized in 15 issues

Art & Your Life: The Same Subject / The Right Of #1686
The Beauty of Art & the Pain about Love / The Right Of #1687
Beauty, Contempt, & Ourselves / The Right Of #1688
The Opposites—in Everyday Confusion & in Art / The Right Of #1689
Prose & Parents / The Right Of #1690
Ugliness, Beauty, & Appreciation / The Right Of #1691
Ugliness & Beauty, Contempt & Art / The Right Of #1692
Spontaneity & Plan—in Art, Ourselves, a Nation / The Right Of #1693
The Weighty & Light—in Ourselves & Art / The Right Of #1694
The Human Drama / The Right Of #1695
Slowness & Speed—in Art & Us! / The Right Of #1696
What Our Lives Are For—& the Moment / The Right Of #1697
The Ease & Difficulty We're Looking For / The Right Of #1698
What Art Has—& the Fight in Every Person / The Right Of #1699
Art and the Purpose of Our Lives / The Right Of #1700 
2. Literature, Drama, and Poetry

*Mind and Sherlock Holmes  / October 6, 2004
*Justice and Punctuation  /  June 16, 2004
*Always: Love of Reality / November 3, 2004
*Poetry, Self, and Love  /  January 14, 2004
*Against Coldness in Ourselves  /  November 11, 1981
*The Sanity of Poetry; or, H.D.  / June 24, 1998
*Nature, Romanticism, & Harry Potter  / June 21, 2000
*The Shakespearean Awareness  / March 24, 1976
*Knowing Oneself  /  January 26, 1977
*Good Sense for the World  /  June 22, 1977
*The Human Self: Confusion & Grandeur / December 12, 2007
*All the Arts by Eli Siegel / April 20, 1977
*The Great Barbarity—& What Can Oppose It / August 9, 2006
*America Has Literature / September 6, 1978
*The Two Pleasures / May 5, 1976
*Woman Always and Now / June 26, 2002
*The Purpose a Woman Wants / July 10, 2002
*What is Art For? / No. 226—July 27, 1977
*Art versus Ill Nature  /  No. 1617 — June 30, 2004

3. Racism: The Cause and Solution

*Racism Can End / June 25, 1997 (Reprinted 2004)
*The Aesthetics of Equality  /  January 20, 1999
*The Right of Every Child  / December 17, 1997
*Difference & Sameness: The Human Question / November 16, 2005
*Racism Can End / June 25, 1997 (Reprinted 2004)
*The Human Self: Yours and Everyone's  /  January 9, 2002
*The Aesthetics of Equality  /  January 20, 1999
*Are We Proud of How We Are For & Against / May 5, 2004
*Education: the "Having-to-Do-With-Other-Things"  / September 8 , 2004
*Learning Can Succeed — and Racism Can End!  / September 4, 2002

4. Education: The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method

*"Educational Method Is Poetic" by Eli Siegel  /  Serialized in 10 issues

"Education: Ethical and Beautiful"  / January 3, 2001
"Education and Friendship"  / January 10, 2001
"Education, Economics, & a World to Like" / January 17, 2001
"Education & What Every Child Deserves"  / January 24, 2001
"What Education Is For"  /  January 31, 2001
"Education, Large & Warm"  / February 7, 2001
"Education, Ambition, & What Millions Like"  / February 14, 2001
"Education, Attention, & Love"  / February 21, 2001
"For Education to Fulfill Its Purpose"  /  February 28, 2001
"The Greatest Encourager of a Person's Mind"  /  March 7, 2001

*Aesthetic Realism Is Education / June 20, 1973
*Education: The “Having-to-Do-With Other Things” / September 8, 2004
*The Biggest News about Education  /  March 24, 2004
*Every Child’s True Intelligence  /  March 6, 2002
*Attention: An Aesthetic Matter  / December 2, 1998
*Education, America, & Lois Mason / September 19, 2007
*Education: For Respect or Contempt? / May 8, 2002
*The Only Thing Big Enough / August 26, 1998
*Learning Can Succeed — and Racism Can End!  / September 4, 2002
*History: Close to Us  /  No. 1636 — March 23,  2005

For more information, see the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method page

5. National and International Ethics

6. Love, Sex, and Marriage

*The Education of the Coming Century / December 29, 1999
*What Opposes Love? / February 11, 1976
The Purpose a Woman Wants / July 10, 2002
*Eli Siegel Day in Baltimore / August 28, 2002
Freedom—& Words, Nations, Love / September 20, 2006
*Can Sex & Integrity Go Together? / December 27, 2006
*Everyone's Question: How Can I Like Myself? / January 24, 2007
*The Beauty of Art & the Pain about Love / March 7, 2007
*Always: Love of Reality  /  No. 1626 — November 3, 2004

7. Aesthetic Realism and Mind

*Knowing Oneself  /  January 26, 1977
*Mind and Sherlock Holmes /  October 6, 2004
*Respect or Contempt for Truth?  /  September 22, 2004
*Mind and Charles Lamb  /  October 20, 2004
*The Divided Self    /    No. 1633 -February 9, 2005
*Good Sense for the World  /  June 22, 1977
*The Most Important Study for Our Time  /  No. 1638 —April 20, 2005
*Our Inner Self and World Events  /  No. 1637 —April 6, 2005
*The Personal and National Hope  /   No. 1635 —March 9, 2005 
*The Ethical Unconscious of Everyone   /  No. 1634 — February 23,  2005 
*Should WeCan WeCriticize Our Feelings?  /   No. 1632 —January 26, 2005
*The Two Desires  /    No. 1631 — January 12,  2005 
*There Are Self, Reality, and Freud  / No. 1630 —December 29, 2004
*Everyday Life, Aesthetics, & Psychiatric Terms  / No. 1629 — December 15, 2004
*Mind and What Hurts It  / No. 1628 —December 1, 2004
*The Trouble about Communication /  No. 1627 — November 17, 2004
*There Are Mind, Revenge, & Good Will  /  No. 1621 — August 25, 2004
*How Much Should We Feel?  /  No. 1620 — August 11, 2004
*The Ethics of Mind  /  No. 1619 — July 28, 2004
*What Interferes with Mind?  /  No. 1618 — July 14, 2004
*Toward “Respect for What Is Real”!  /  No. 1615.— June 2, 2004
*Are We Proud of How We're For & Against? / No. 1613.— May 5, 2004

Eli Siegel Collection. The 25,000 volume library Eli Siegel used in developing Aesthetic Realism.


The collection includes world literature, philosophy, works on approaches to mind, poetry, history, art and literary criticism, labor and economics, the sciences. Many books contain handwritten annotations, lecture notes, and original manuscripts of Mr. Siegel's poetry.

Self and World: An Explanation of Aesthetic Realism by Eli Siegel
James and the Children: A Consideration of Henry James's 'Turn of the Screw' by Eli Siegel