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Love, the Family, and Aesthetics

Queens Ledger (Queens, NY) (7/24/02)
"How Should We See the Loss of a Loved One?" by Marion Fennell 
The Miami Herald (2/10/01)
"Love World, Yourself" by Margot Carpenter
Philippine Post (November 2000)
"The Essence of Kindness" by Ernest DeFilippis

Home Reporter & News (October 2000)

"The Ability to Care: I Learned to Have It" by Kevin Fennell

Kent Good Times Dispatch (Kent, Connecticut) 9/8/00

"A Mother Reconsidered" by Dorli DiGregorio
Tennessee Tribune, 6/15-21/00
    "A Father Asks: What Do Children Really Want from Their Parents?" by Joseph Meglino
Caribbean Life (New York City) 2/8/00
    "Love and Self-Respect - A Lasting Valentine" by Margot Carpenter
San Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) 7/15/99 & 7/29/99
Part 1 & Part 2: "Power, Love, Sex-and Mistakes People Make about Them!" by Aesthetic Realism consultant Ernest De Filippis.  Includes excerpt of Eli Siegel speaking to the author in an Aesthetic Realism Lesson.
EXODUS Newsmagazine (San Jose, California) 4/27/99
"The Debate in Women Between Boredom and Interest" by Marion Fennell
U.S. African Eye (Brooklyn, New York / International) 1/99 - 2/99
    "Love, Power, Goodwill" by Edward Green, professor at Manhattan School of Music 
Caribbean Life (New York City) 11/10/98
    "Learn How Marriage Can Succeed in a Failed Economy" by Barbara Allen
Mississippi Link (Jackson, MS)  12/17/98
"What Is True Power in a Man?" by David M. Bernstein
The Mobile Beacon & Atlanta Citizen  (Mobile, AL) 7/25/98
    "A Father, Seen Newly" by Ruth Oron. "Children these days, as in other days," Mr. Siegel writes, "can make and do make a father feel he isn't everything."
Caribbean Life (New York City) 9/1/98
    "How Should a Widow Cope with the Loss of Her Spouse?" by Anne Fielding
Bloomfield Life (Bloomfield, NJ) 3/12/98
    "Parenting Workshop to Continue"

Article about the purpose of marriage -- click here

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