Scribner's Magazine Book Reviews
by Eli Siegel from 1931 to 1934 (Selected)

   arrowA Calendar of Sin by Evelyn Scott

   arrowMark Twain's America by Bernard DeVoto

   arrowTragic America by Theodore Dreiser

   arrowA Cultural History of the Modern Age
       by Egon Friedell, Vol. II

   arrowThe Sibyl of the North: The Tale of Christina,
       Queen of Sweden
by Faith Compton Mackenzie

   arrowThe Life of Emerson by Van Wyck Brooks

   arrowAdventures in Genius by Will Durant

   arrowThe Soul of America by Arthur Hobson Quinn

   arrowAnn Vickers by Sinclair Lewis

   arrowBreathe Upon These Slain by Evelyn Scott

   arrowThe Sheltered Life by Ellen Glasgow


arrowThe First Wife and Other Stories by Pearl S. Buck

arrowEimi by E.E. Cummings

arrowEva Gay by Evelyn Scott

arrowThree Cities: A Trilogy by Sholom Asch

arrowEdmund Kean by Harold Newcomb Hillebrand

arrowWilliam Carlos Williams: Collected Poems,

arrowJohn Dryden by T.S. Eliot

arrowSelected Essays: 1917-1932 by T.S. Eliot

arrowThe Road Leads On by Knut Hamsun

arrowThe Proud and the Meek (Men of Good Will,
    Part II)
by Jules Romains

arrowThe Proud and the Meek (Men of Good Will,
    vol. III
) by Jules Romains

Copyright 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934 Charles Scribner's Sons; copyrights renewed.
Reprinted with the permission of Charles Scribner's Sons.

New York Evening Post Literary Review

arrow"Hardy's Four Lines Called Best in Poetry Anthology" by Eli Siegel, November 28, 1925

Reviews of Works by Eli Siegel & about Aesthetic Realism

arrow In the New York Times Book Review, Kenneth Rexroth reviewed Hail, American Development,
     poems by Eli Siegel —

"I think it's about time Eli Siegel was moved up into the ranks of our acknowledged Leading  Poets..."

"His translations of Baudelaire and his commentaries on them rank him with the most  understanding of the Baudelaire critics in any language." ...more

arrowWilliam Carlos Williams wrote Martha Baird concerning "Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana"
     and other poems by Eli Siegel [Reprinted in Something to Say, ed. J.E.B. Breslin (New Directions)]—

 "I can't tell you how important Siegel's work is in the light of my present understanding of the   modern poem. He belongs in the very first rank of our living artists....I congratulate you on the   intelligent direction of your work and the heart behind it." ... more

arrow The Harlem Times review of Eli Siegel's Children's Guide to Parents and Other Matters

arrowSaturday Review, August 17, 1957, Selden Rodman. "Poems...which say more (and more movingly)
     about here and now than any contemporary poems I have read.

arrownewsART—The Smith by William Packard. How a Major Poet Is Ostracized by Lit Cliches: Eli Siegel
     in View ;
The poems in Hot Afternoons: "Extraordinary by any standards."

arrowSmithsonian Book Reviews, Washington, DC, February, 1982. Review of Self and World by Linda
    Ann Kunz

arrowWhole in Brightness, New Mexico Quarterly review of Hot Afternoons, August 17, 1957, by Walter
     Leuba. "A poet who writes for men and women on subjects close to them and full of meaning for them,
     in a language they can understand, and who does this naturally, with virtuosity but without condescension,
     is not readily found.

arrowREVIEW of Self and World by anthropologist Arnold Perey, 2005

arrowART STUDENTS LEAGUE NEWS review by Lawrence Campbell

arrowRalph Hattersley in Popular Photography. Review of Aesthetic Realism: We Have Been There—Six
     Artists on the Siegel Theory of Opposites
, by David Bernstein and others. "The book is well written and
     well conceived. I think it deals with fundamental truths concerning the nature of man, art and reality."
     [Note: Ralph Hattersley was editor of the photography journal Infinity.]

arrow Library Journal review of Aesthetic Realism: We Have Been There—

"Heraclitus, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, and even Martin Buber have posited contraries and polarities in
 their philosophies. Eli Siegel, however, seems to be the first to demonstrate that "all beauty is the
 making one of the permanent opposites in reality."
... more




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