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I wrote “Stalk” in April of 1948, during the Poetry Group, taught by Mr. Siegel. The form of the class, like that of the Time Enough Poetry Class he taught years later, was three parts. In the first part, Mr. Siegel gave a short talk--and these could be as various as on Milton or Mother Goose or on a contemporary poet showing whether and how a poem was truly that or not. In the third part of the class there was discussion of the poems written “on the spot,” as it were. Thinking of it now, I see it as wonderful, aesthetically wonderful, that Mr. Siegel’s honesty, his sincerity and depth of expression, could evoke poetic expression from some of us so fortunate to hear him. —Dorothy Koppelman



    The yellow thing was long, and cast its shadow
    Green among the other shadows in the fields.
    Green shadow of a thing in sunny fields
    Flat and spreading wide, the fields
    Are rampant with the growth of yellow things
    Growing tall, growing tall, and throwing
    Shadows to the earth; green.

© by Dorothy Koppelman

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