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      The Dark That Was Is Here

      A girl, in ancient Greece, 
      Be sure, had no more peace 
      Than one in Idaho. 
      To feel and yet to know 
      Was hard in Athens, too. 
      I'm sure confusion grew 
      In Nika's mind as she, 
      While wanting to be free, 
      Hoped deeply to adore 
      Someone; and so no more 
      Be wretched and alone. 
      — Ah, hear the keen, wise moan 
      Of wind at twilight, past 
      Old trees, which darken fast. 
      That wind was heard, that blur 
      Of trees was seen by her 
      Of Attica.— The sound 
      Of wind on dry, cool ground 
      Once more is heard by girl, 
      With heart in autumn whirl. 
      The trees stand up in grey; 
      It is their ancient way—
      All this in Idaho, 
      Where grieving girls now go 
      In mingled love and fear. 
      The dark that was is here. 

From Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana: Poems (Definition Press)
© 1957 by Eli Siegel
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