Aesthetic Realism Opposes Racism: Authors include Alice Bernstein, Jaime Torres, Allan Michael

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How Aesthetic Realism Opposes Racism

Button imageSunday Tribune (Durban, South Africa) January 4, 2012

from "Racism deserves to get the red card" by Rich Mkhondo

"Sport is supposed to be the epitome of the level playing field, where
people are judged by their performance on the field or court, not by
the colour of their skin. My favourite sport, football, has the capacity
to bring people together. I am pained by the fact that when it comes to
the poisonous hate of racism, the game has also been there, done that....

Eli Siegel, an American educator who founded the philosophy of
Aesthetic Realism, has an answer. He explains that racism begins with
the hope for contempt—the “false importance or glory” a person gets by
making less of the reality of other people...> more

Button imageStaten Island Advance (Staten Island, NY) July 19, 2010

"Contempt causes bias attacks" by Helena Gvili

"I am angered and saddened by the hate crimes taking place on Staten Island.... As a Staten Islander, I feel it is crucial for your readers to know that 'the mentality that leads to violence,' is explained by Eli Siegel, founder of the philosophy Aesthetic Realism, as contempt, 'the addition to self through the lessening of something else.'”... > more

Button imageThe Philadelphia Sun (Philadelphia, PA) March 20, 2011

"Tulane Law School honors civil rights and the Answer to Racism"

"One of the great civil rights lawsuits in American history took center stage last week in a special event at Tulane University Law School (TLS) in New Orleans: 'The People of Clarendon County'—A Play by Ossie Davis, & the Answer to Racism! The 1955 play by revered actor/activist Ossie Davis, enacted by law students, dramatized the lives of the brave black parents who risked everything for an 'equal' school bus.”... > more

Button imageTennessee Tribune, June 30, 2011

"Aesthetic Realism Answer to Racism Thrills Audience at NC Museum of History"

"(Raleigh, NC) The audience at NC Museum of History in Raleigh on June 3rd gave a
standing ovation to “The People of Clarendon County”—A Play by Ossie Davis, & the
Answer to Racism!
This event, based on the book by journalist and civil rights scholar
Alice Bernstein, has been educating audiences around the country for four years.
It is a project of the non-profit Alliance of Ethics &Art in New York City. Joining Bernstein were black, white, and Native American speakers: Onilaja Waters, Earl Ijames, John E. Scott Richardson, Dr. Arnold Perey, and Monique Michael..”... > more

Button imageCityBeat (Cincinnati, OH) 1/14/04

"On racism and how to end it"  by Nancy Huntting 
I want people in Cincinnati, my home town, to know what I learned about its cause from Aesthetic Realism, the education founded by the great American poet and critic Eli Siegel. All human cruelty, he showed, including prejudice and racism, arises from contempt...
> more

Button imageSouthwest Digest (Lubbock, Texas) 1/9/03

"Poems by Eli Siegel about Martin Luther King and America" by Alice Bernstein

As we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King and his courageous opposition to racism and economic injustice, I feel people should know of two poems by Eli Siegel, the great American poet and founder of the philosophy Aesthetic Realism, from his second volume of poetry, Hail, American Development (Definition Press, NY).  With enormous respect for Martin Luther King, Mr. Siegel expresses what America and every person in our troubled world is hoping for.... > more

    Also by Alice Bernstein:    

South Carolina Black News 5/2006 "Jack Hasegawa and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the South" Parts 1,2, & 3

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) 12/5/01  "Young and Old Learn Answer to Racism at Brooklyn Children's Museum"

International Guardian (International News Network Online) 11/00   "The Genome and 'The Equality of Man'" by Alice Bernstein. "There is a refutation of racism within the nucleus of every cell of our body .... The genome shows we are much more like one another than the brutal egos of people have wanted to see."  > more

The Mississippi Link, 11/25/98  "Aesthetic Realism Explains Where Racism Begins — and What Can End It"

Button imageThe Black World Today (Internet) 3/15/00

     "Fascism, Understood At Last!" by Ruth Oron

     In these first weeks of the new millennium there is one report after another showing how much the past is still with us: how much turmoil there is over the events of the 30's and 40's and the terror that was fascism. There has been a great uproar about Joerg Haider's far-right party in Austria--with its xenophobic policies and his spiteful playing down the Nazi crimes... > more
Button imageThe Black World Today (Internet) 12/15/98

Button imageIndiaStar (Internet), 10/13/97

"Queen's Visit to Amritsar" by Christopher Balchin. "I was horrified as an Englishman and a human being when I learned that Queen Elizabeth is planning to visit Amritsar, the site of the infamous massacre by British troops of unarmed civilians without uttering even one word of apology." >> more

Button imageCommuter News, 8/4/98

"Reader Condemns Racism in Area / USA" by Edward Green. "I write about what I've learned from the philosophy Aesthetic Realism and its founder, Eli Siegel: that contempt is the cause of racism, and only through the conscious criticism of contempt will racism end." > more

Button imageMiami Times, 2/27/97

    "It Is in Contempt that the Root of Racism Lies" by Allan Michael. I want your readers to know what I learned from Eli Siegel, the great educator, historian, and founder of Aesthetic Realism: the cause of racism is contempt.  He defined contempt as the 'disposition in every person to think he will be for himself by making less of the outside world.' Contempt is as ordinary as a family saying, 'We are better than that family next door.' On a larger scale, contempt has people of one race or religion look down on people different from them.
    > more

Articles by NY teachers about education vs. prejudice: a sampling

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